Monday, August 27, 2012

Scopes and Potential of Email Marketing

In keeping with the advancements in social media and internet technologies, email marketing has proven to be the most useful marketing tool in recent times. It is the most preferred option for the B2B websites as an effective and a low expense means to connect to a wide section of online audience.

Defining Email Marketing

Simply put, email marketing can be defined as a procedure of establishing an association with past/present consumers and prospective clients by sending them communications such as direct mailers, newsletters, brochures and other digitized information about a product, service or promotional offers through e-mails.

Email Marketing – A Trusted Medium

Today email marketing has emerged as a trusted medium of carrying on online brand and product marketing initiatives. Furthermore, the symbiotic nature between email and the online experience is supported by the increased rate of “triggered mails” or online notifications driven by online communications. This includes instances such as “welcome mailers” when you sign up for any service, when someone updates their status or shopping cart and the like.

Interactions of such kind heavily depend on and assist emails’ considerable trust quotient. Simultaneously, research has indicated that such kinds of mails have the highest-open rates because the consumers expect them. This is further because the notifications are significant to their actions.

It has been estimated that more and more marketers in the near future would concentrate on the “no-brainer” mails that at the first glance may make no mark, but in reality might be a power conduit. Therefore, we can expect potential marketers to leverage email marketing to yield higher revenues and brand awareness.

Industry Solutions For Email Marketing

In the recent past eminent companies engaged in a B2B marketing automation with their email marketing platform ensures that enterprises to attain their marketing objectives by helping them to identify the “website visitor intent”. Thus enterprises can generate and nurture prospects with intent-based emails in the following way:

  • Sending follow up mails with relevant data based on intent
  • Sharing emails that covers recent consumer feedback, success stories, score over other market players with links to support the same
  • Sending out invitations to technological events and online seminars and webinars
  • Inviting the online audience to read up case studies or download interesting Whitepapers
  • Sending out newsletters regarding industry developments and other important technological news
  • Identify in real time as to when a prospect is seriously thinking of a purchase decision

The reach of an email is widespread and its nature is very individual and personal. This indicates that a reader when going through a mail is in his/her private space to browse through the relevant content provided. Hence, if used appropriately, email marketing has the potential to become the face of online marketing in the forthcoming years.

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